Anti-Aging Enzyme Mask

Refine and restore your skin with Sapelo’s Anti-Aging Enzyme Mask. This mask is a gentle path to skin cell replication that safely renews your complexion's radiance and hydration while exfoliating surface cells. Rich in all-natural, plant-based enzymes and botanical extracts, they offer a safe alternative to glycolic and retinoic acids. Luxurious Southern honey works as a vehicle to naturally smooth the mask over skin for effortless application.  Developed using sophisticated molecular screening techniques, the yeast peptide in our Anti-Aging Enzyme Mask initiates gentle skin resurfacing and actively refines and restores skin texture and radiance. Studies of this ingredient resulted in the same exfoliation effectiveness as glycolic acid – yet gentle with no injury to your skin. New to the mask is a botanical blend of apricot, wild cherry and blackthorn extracts which are rich in mandelic acid, a naturally-occurring, yet highly effective, ingredient that provides skin polishing results. Mandelic acid is known for its anti-aging and re-texturizing properties by increasing circulation and hydration and supporting cell turnover. Due to its larger molecular size, the new blend penetrates slower into the skin, making it the perfect ingredient for those with sensitive skin. 

2 oz (59 ml).

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