Fleurs Décoratif Perfume Bottle by Sabino Crystal Company

Fleurs Décoratif Perfume Bottle.  Sabino Opalescent Crystal.  Hand-blown décoratif perfume bottle, with hand-beveled crystal top.

Marius Sabino, born in 1878, studied at L'Ecole Nationale des Arts Décoratifs and the Beaux Arts de Paris in France.  Sabino created a multitude of opalescent glass vases and decorative objects, making great use of his expertise as a sculptor.

He mastered the techniques that made it possible to create the perfect molds for a unique opalescent glass. By pouring the molten opalescent glassinto the molds, he created beautiful relief in precise and discerning designs.  For his vases, perfume bottles, powder jars, and plates he used natural themes, often with animals, along with friezes of women and geometric designs.

Sabino was a contemporary of Lalique, D'Avesn, and Verlys.

4" x 2" - 10 cm x 5 cm.

Made in France. 




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